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I have a website that is half completed i would like it finished. Word press Website: http://new.mintmastering.com Reference website: https://www.landr.com/en Create basic User profiles. Log in to land.com to see example. When clicking on an ‘upload’ tab user must sign up/ log in via Facebook or Soundcloud, and log out. I want users to have a profile to manage their uploaded audio files. And when i have finished the job i want to be able to upload the finished audio file back to the Users profile allowing them to download file. Basic user information… e.g. First & Surname (which will be used as users profile name), Country, Province/ State, city, age. And email (to be stored for future promotions). Home page: Make entire websites font style that same as «HOW IT WORKS» (scroll down on page to see example) and i would like the font thinner (skinnier). Add ‘upload’ plug in to all 4 photos, with drag & drop option. Uploading too via Dropbox set up. Uploaded files will range from 50Mb – 700Mb. Replace GIF. I have attached the file to this project. Create a sample comparisons. «algorithm vs human». I will upload to you 2 mp3 files for this. Customize 3 package (located at the bottom of the home page) Make packages titles ‘Bold’ make smaller «usd» make larger «$149, $34, $25» Make the «HD» black gold in colour. Make the «LO-Res & HI-Res» black silver in colour. ‘PRICING’ tab to be directed to the bottom of the ‘Home’ page. ‘FAQS’ / help page. Transfer all information from old mint mastering website. If you have any suggestions, recommendations and better options please feel free to discuss with me.

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